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Are you Eligible For a ACA Federal Tax Credit under the ARPA?

Unemployed? Are premiums too expensive? Important ACA message for Affordable Health Insurance – UNINSURED, ON AND OFF EXCHANGE: Are you Eligible For Federal Tax Credit under the ARPA?

Refinance Strategy and Retirement

The Big Payoff Retirement in your near future? Are you thinking of refinancing a mortgage or paying it off? With mortgage rates at historic lows and record financial marketplace highs, the answer may not be so obvious. Over the weekend, I read an article by Katy...

ACA – RE-OPENS: Healthcare options during COVID!

Did you lose your job and health insurance? 
Can’t afford health insurance?
Starting February 15, 2021 to May 15, 2021, you can apply for a 2021 Individual health plan for yourself and your family. Contact us to check your eligibility for a Federal Tax Credit and enroll TODAY for reduced health insurance premiums

15 Personal-Finance Lessons We Can All Learn From the Year of Covid-19

It’s that time of year when we traditionally reflect on the past year and set plans for the upcoming year. Well, collectively, 2020 challenged the world in a tremendous magnitude then imagine. Financial and Personal lessons from 2020-Covid 19.

How to Improve Your Work-Life Balance

Every new year, a group of close friends gathers to celebrate our long-term friendship, the holiday season, and the beginning of a new year. And along with exchanging gifts, reflect on the past year, we share our intentions for the new year with a word. I decided to...

Are you experiencing Brain Fog?

What is brain fog? What causes brain fog? How to treat and prevent brain fog 

COVID and Long-Term Care Realities

Are you ready for wherever life takes you? How are your family members managing changing life-events? In 2020, the current health concerns revolve around the COVID virus and maintaining social distances. Just as the pandemic's sudden impact changes one's routine and...

Choosing a Medicare Plan Can Be a Challenge

There are two primary paths to choose before selecting a Medicare Supplement plan; the traditional Medigap or Medicare Advantage. Each person has their own set of personal needs based on their health history, medical providers, budget, and lifestyle, all factors in making their final decision.

Need Healthcare? Single, Family or Small Biz?

Need Healthcare? Single, Family, or Small Biz?
Understanding and having to navigate either the ACA system or turning 65 for Medicare is stressful.  Update your current health coverage by contacting us today . . .That’s Your Life Security!

Need ACA a Health Plan? Medicare?

Healthcare updates! Need ACA Health Plan Options? Need Medicare?
Do You Know the Annual Healthcare Enrollment dates!

Why Plan for Life Insurance?  5 Reasons

Why Plan for Life Insurance? 5 Reasons

Why Plan for Life Insurance? 5 Vital Reasons to consider for your Loved ones

Your family means everything to you. From big moments like graduations and weddings to everyday memories like BBQs and bike rides, your family has been by your side through it all. But life can change in an instant. Continue to read the following for a few reasons to have Life Insurance and preserve your family’s lifestyle.

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