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About Eleonore

Short and long-term financial security needs solid planning. I personally discovered this when I suddenly became a widow and a single parent with two young children. We were fortunate that my husband and I planned early on for the “what if’s” in life. As a result, I was able to continue to send both of my sons to private school and eventually college. My experience taught me the importance of insuring your family and business against the unexpected. It motivated me to immerse myself in the world of Disability, Life and Long-Term Care Insurance and showed me the importance of educating individuals, families and businesses on their best options for protection against life’s uncertainties.

After working for a major insurance company, I decided to venture off to form Your Life Security in 2013, allowing me to provide an unbiased approach in pursuing the most suitable, quality and affordable solutions for my clients. Your Life Security was established with the sole purpose of educating and helping my clients create a more secure future for both themselves and their loved ones.

Our Mission 

Our mission at Your Life Security is to provide our clients with education and expertise that allows them to make informed decisions to ensure their future income from life-changing events. Our team is made up of exceptional experts specializing in Annuity, Disability, Life and Long-Term Care insurance solutions. Through a collaborative effort with our clients and their other professional advisors, we develop a strategic plan that mitigates impact to protect families from unnecessary financial and emotional burdens.  

As an Independent Licensed Insurance Broker and a Certified Long-Term Care Professional (CLTC), I have the flexibility to shop the marketplace for the most practical, cost-effective options available. I’ll help you avoid financial gaps by locating where these gaps are and utilizing insurance plans to help fill them in.

Additionally, we collaborate with other financial professionals, such as CPAs, attorneys and certified financial planners to deliver a plan tailored to your unique needs. Planning today ensures your future throughout life’s transition. That’s Your Life Security!

Our Team Has You Covered!

At Your Life Security, we have developed a team of trusted experts in a variety of wealth professionals. Our team comprises of specialists from real estate attorneys, estate attorneys, elder law attorneys, certified financial planners, CPAs, as well as experts geriatric care managers to help you make informed decisions about your future. With our team of experts in place, Your Life Security is ready to provide you with the guidance you need to develop an insurance plan tailored to your needs.

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