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About Eleonore

Short and long-term financial security needs solid planning. I discovered this when I suddenly became a widow and a single parent with two young children. Thankfully, my husband and I understood the value of planning for the unknown after both of our mothers lost their husbands pre-maturely. We were committed to preparing ourselves for the “what if’s” in life. We wanted personal assurance and peace of mind, so we completed our will, trust, and our living will to protect our children’s future and their welfare.

Going a step further, my husband and his partner — who was older than him — took steps to protect their business by pursuing a Buy/Sell agreement with Life Insurance policies to fund their contract. This agreement guaranteed the business’s continuation in the event of a loss of one of the partners. When my husband passed, the buy/sell worked seamlessly.

After losing my husband, we lost our health insurance due to his business’s closure. A second jolt was learning that since both my sons had pre-existing health issues, they were considered uninsurable (Pre-ACA).

What did I do? I went to work at my local Starbucks and took an early weekday shift, which allowed me enough time during the day to accomplish the necessary tasks to shut down my husband’s commercial business. The list ranged from unwinding his company’s defined benefit plan to re-negotiating a commercial refinance package, to amending property taxes and finally listing the property to sell.

As a result of our foresight to plan for life’s “what if’s,” we were able to remain in the comfort and security of our home and neighborhood, and my sons were able to continue with our choice of education and, eventually, attend college.

What did my experience teach me? It reaffirmed my belief to encourage others of the benefits of taking time from their demanding schedules to contemplate the emotional, mental, and financial value of creating a solid plan and putting it into action without delay.

Advanced planning saved my family’s future. It allowed me to gain the emotional bandwidth to cope with the residual duties associated with life’s transition after a loss.

With my experience in mind, I’m committed to encouraging my clients to see the positive outcome of planning for their future and obtaining peace of mind.

Helping Others Through Your Life Security

In 2011, I coupled my personal life experience with my past management, sales, and marketing knowledge and forged a career in insurance. By immersing myself in Health, Disability, Life, and Long-Term Care Insurance, I was able to help families like mine plan for life’s uncertainties and garner peace of mind by educating them on the best individual, family, and business options available.

After working for a major insurance company with an emphasis on the senior market, I quickly realized that people turning 65 were learning the reality of Medicare benefits too late. And most importantly, that Medicare does not cover — Home Health Care and Long-Term Care costs — far too late. For many, once retired and living on a fixed income with the possibility of pre-existing health conditions, their options for Home-Health and Long-Term Care insurance solutions are limited. Planning earlier rather than later allows for greater confidence for one’s future health choices and the ability to age in place.With this in mind, I decided to venture off to form my own business with a mission to educate others on the importance of planning for all life transitions during all life stages.

In 2013, I established Your Life Security, LLC, which has allowed me to provide an unbiased approach in pursuing the most suitable, quality, and affordable solutions for my clients. The value of my life experience and working relationships with many trusted professionals, such as CPAs, Estate Planning Attorneys, Wealth Advisors, and Corporate and Tax Attorneys, stresses the incremental value of the importance in one’s entire Life Plan.

I established Your Life Security for the sole purpose of educating and helping my clients to create a more secure and stable future for both themselves and their loved ones and achieve ultimate “Peace of Mind.” That’s Your Life Security!

Our Mission 

Your Life Security provides our clients’ peace of mind through education and our team’s expertise, helping them make well-informed decisions and ensuring their financial security during life-changing events.

Our Vision  

Through a collaborative effort with our professional advisors, we will develop a strategic plan to protect our clients’ families from unnecessary financial and emotional burdens.

About Us

Our team is made up of experienced experts who specialize in Annuity, Disability, Health, Life, Medicare, and Long-Term Care insurance solutions.

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At Your Life Security, we have developed a team of trusted experts in a variety of wealth professionals. Our team comprises of specialists from real estate attorneys, estate attorneys, elder law attorneys, certified financial planners, CPAs, as well as experts geriatric care managers to help you make informed decisions about your future. With our team of experts in place, Your Life Security is ready to provide you with the guidance you need to develop an insurance plan tailored to your needs.

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