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Today is the best day to prepare for tomorrow!

Are you in the process of making one or more Life-Style transitions?

Everybody, at some time, faces a lifestyle change, due to:

  • Marriage or Change in Marital Status,
  • New Home or Living Arrangement,
  • Empty-Netters,
  • Caregiver for family member,
  • Addition to the Family,
  • Change in Career,
  • Retirement,
  • Health Concerns

Life is full of surprises. We love the good ones and loathe the bad ones because we know that if we had taken the right steps early on, we could have had a handle on what is now an uncertain future.

Our goal is to educate individuals, families, and businesses about the importance of planning today to secure their future income while managing life-changing events.

We can work together to understand how to:

  • Preserve your assets, savings and retirement income,
  • Maintain your financial freedom throughout your life,
  • Prepare for potential life-changing crises,
  • Minimize your financial burden to family members,

Are you ready to learn and understand how to secure your future income?

  • Healthcare related expenses
  • Income Preservation
  • Family/Living financial responsibilities

Building a Better Future – That’s Your Life Security

Eleonore Weber - Your Life Security L.L.C.

Eleonore Weber, CLTC
Managing Partner & Licensed Broker

Care Funding Solutions, Medicare,
Life and Long-Term Care Insurance

Are you ready to learn and understand how to secure your future income?

Don’t let fear and uncertainty dictate your future.

Act now to protect yourself and your loved ones. 

Together, we will identify the best options for your family and your business.

Building a Better Future – That’s Your Life Security

Building a Better Future – That’s Your Life Security