Do You Want to Give Peace of Mind to Your Family? Do You Want to Ensure Your Desires and Wishes Are Clear and Followed?

If your answer is YES, then Your Family’s Essential Resource Workbook: How to Gather and Organize Valuable Documents is the user-friendly guide you’ve been looking for. It’s a quick reference for both non-life-threatening situations and when death occurs. It will:

  • Identify what you need to gather in a short period of time.
  • Help you organize everything that matters with clarity
  • Eliminate the confusion that typically surfaces when emergencies and the unexpected arise.
  • Reveals your wishes when you are gone.
  • Includes contacts for finding support and getting outside assistance.
  • Few know what the following list consists of when the unexpected or death happens. With the guidance of Eleonore Weber, a definitive path is created for both.

Most plan for being set for life – few plan for what happens when death occurs. A myriad of emotional and legal issues arise and must be dealt with … are you … is your family knowledgeable on what to do … next? There is rarely a “short list” of the decisions and legal that are on the next list. The workbook is intended and is designed as an essential resource to provide a shortcut for emergencies and life’s unexpected events so that you can live in the now. Your Family’s Essential Resource Workbook: How to Gather and Organize Valuable Documents is a gift to you and your family. It is intended to create the roadmap that delivers the peace of mind you want … and that they will embrace.

Eleonore D. Weber is an Author, Speaker, Consultant and Certified in Long-Term Care® Advisor, working with families and individuals to create protection when the unexpected happens. Her personal goal has been to help others avoid potential emotional and financial gaps and pitfalls. Her work in life, health, and long-term care insurance is dedicated to ensuring her clients’ desires are well-documented so loved ones and their designated agents can carry out their instructions and wishes. The result: families follow them without confusion and conflict.

Below Are Downloadable Forms to Fill Out for Each Step Of The Workbook

Download Forms for Step 1: $9
Download Forms for Step 2: $9
Download Forms for Step 3: $9

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