How Would You Handle a Sudden Illness or Injury that Left You Unable to Work?

Is Your Paycheck Protected?

Disability-Income Protection provides you with monthly payments if you become disabled or cannot work due to injury, illness or accident. Think of it as insurance for your income.

A sudden interruption in your income can cause serious financial repercussions to you and your family’s lifestyle. While you might receive group disability benefits through your employer, the income benefits are taxable — and your base benefit may or may not include other income sources, including bonuses and commissions.

Case Study: Disability Insurance

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​Individual Disability Insurance

Can You Live on 40-50% of Your Income Tomorrow?

​Individual Disability Insurance has several benefits: it can supplement the employer’s policy, and it can provide additional income security coverage throughout your working years. An Individual Disability Income policy also protects a larger portion of your income, is tax free if you’re the policy owner and coverage remains intact during future job changes. Combine your group disability benefits with an Individual Disability Income policy for complete coverage.


An Individual Disability policy can be your only income protection if your employer doesn’t offer a group disability policy.


An Individual Disability policy is portable thus providing income consistency from employer to employer.


An Individual Disability policy can act as a supplement policy to off-set financial holes between your employer’s plan and the amount you need to meet your financial obligations and maintain your lifestyle.


Income is tax-free.

Group Disability Insurance

Safeguard Your Employees’ Paychecks

Group disability insurance protects your employees and provides them with an alternative income despite being unable to work due to injury or illness. Invest in the people that make your company successful.

Business & Key Employee Disability Insurance

Secure Your Business in the Event of Your Absence

Plan for the unexpected! You spent years building your business. You’re passionate about what you do. But what would happen to it if you were to become disabled? A Business Disability policy can cover immediate overhead costs. It can also off-set the financial hardship due to a loss of an owner or key employee.

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