January arrives with full force and challenges… the reality of weather, new laws & taxes updates and setting new goals.  We leave 2023 from the hustle and bustle of the holidays , the daily mail reminds us of our holiday financial activities.

Then we enter the spring season with new growth and rebirth. Now is the time to re-examine your family demands and commitments. Therefore, I want to share with you 5 Essential Steps for Family Caregivers. 

Your family means everything! But are you overwhelmed? overload? Exhausted, frustrated, and feeling guilty? Who’s your priority? You have a full schedule with everyday commitments, but what if a family member needs your help? How do you handle this scenario? Not for the occasional errand but for assistance for short or long-term care?

Over 39 million American family members are Caregiving.

Someone’s need for care can be gradual, needing help with simple tasks – running an errand, making dinner, helping clean neglected areas of the house, or it can suddenly happen with an accident or medical diagnosis, and they can no longer do much of anything themselves.

Maybe the person can’t be left alone for long, needing help bathing and getting dressed. Becoming a caregiver can quickly become a daily part-time or even full-time job.

No matter the circumstances, it is crucial to anticipate that the need for full-time caregiving is always possible at any stage in life.

Prepare yourself first by understanding your boundaries and limitations; ask yourself what is possible or not. Then break it down into five (5) primary and essential tips to minimize stressors.

Follow these helpful steps to reduce stressors.

5 + 1 Essential Steps for Family Caregivers

  1. Break the ice and start the conversation!
  2. Bring together your team.
  3. Coordination of Care: Make a Care Plan
  4. Care for your loved one
  5. Care Plan for yourself
  6. Your Family’s Essential Resource Workbook

Be ready to pivot!

Add an extra bonus…Watch for the next five weeks as we explore family caregivers’ five primary and essential steps. Caring for others may become necessary, but so is caring for yourself.

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Eleonore Weber, CLTC
Author, Disability, Health, Life, Long-Term Care, and Medicare Insurance solutions! 

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