As we approach the Thanksgiving holiday, it is a good time to reflect on the importance of planning. Planning plays a crucial role in our lives, helping us achieve our goals and objectives. It ensures that we are prepared for the future and have a clear direction to follow.

One aspect of planning that often gets overlooked is discussing our plans with our loved ones. Thanksgiving is a time when families and friends come together to celebrate and give thanks. It provides the perfect opportunity to have meaningful discussions about our plans and goals for the upcoming year.

By discussing our plans with our loved ones, we can gain their support and input. They may have suggestions or important insights that can help us refine our plans. Additionally, it helps to align our goals with the values and priorities of our loved ones, ensuring that we are all working towards a common vision.

Planning together as a family or a group of friends can also foster a sense of unity and collaboration. It allows everyone to have a sense of ownership in the plans and encourages collective effort towards achieving them. Moreover, it strengthens the bonds between individuals and promotes open communication and understanding.

So, this Thanksgiving, let’s take the time to have meaningful conversations with our loved ones about our plans and aspirations. Let’s share our hopes and dreams, and ask for their support and feedback. Together, we can create a shared vision for the future and work towards achieving it.

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I wish you all a harvest of blessings, good health, and good times. May this holiday season bring warmth and joy to your homes and hearts.

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Eleonore Weber, CLTC
Author, Disability, Health, Life, Long-Term Care, and Medicare Insurance solutions! 

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