Like it or Not, most of us are resistant to being told what or how to do…whatever. Whether you are home alone or with others, it’s the perfect time to re-connect with the good old fashion past-times that are simply basic and quickly forgotten.

So often wish for time to relax, contemplate, and reflect on life and stuff. Here are a few ideas to add to your list:

  • Exercise with a morning jog, stretch, or a quiet evening walks outdoors for fresh air to clear your mind. And perhaps an alternative tune-up with a virtual exercise program.
  • Relax with a book– Relax and treat yourself to a cup of freshly brewed coffee, tea, or hot chocolate. Grab a comfortable chair, legs up, then relax with a good book. Set a good self-care example for family members, especially for children.
  • Call a friend or family member, catch up, share memories, and plan an exciting activity.
  • Bake or make a special meal…homemade soup, stew…chili, or bake a delicious batch of butter cookies.
    Get organized
    -Are you avoiding a house project or the perpetual “To Do” list.? Here’s a suggestion that works for me. I divide the project into small measurable tasks and set a time limit to complete all or portion of that task. Wow, you’ll amaze yourself and feel good, especially when the checklist is complete.

In my experience, being a parent of two sons can be a challenge to feel accomplished from mundane but necessary daily routines. One of my parenting survival goals was always to strive for balance. Daily I would make a list of tasks and check it off when finished; hence, I had a better sense of completion and satisfaction at the day’s end. Remember to add in meaningful time to regenerate yourself.

Share these and your ideas with your neighbors, family, and friends.

Eleonore Weber

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