5 Essential Steps for Family Caregivers

We started this series considering the essential steps in supporting Family Caregivers. The caregiver’s well-being is vital, as is caring for the person needing care.

Here we highlight the significance of the family members’ input in developing a plan to assist the caregiver(s). In support of the millions of families who rely on a family member to aid in the care of another family loved one, it’s vital to review 5 essential steps to support them.

With Step 1, we highlighted Breaking the Ice and Starting the dreaded conversation. And Step 2 addresses the value of building a supportive team for the caregiver and the loved one.

  1. Break the Ice and Start the Conversation
  2. Bring Together Your Team
  3. Coordination of Care Make a Care Plan
  4. Care for Your Loved One
  5. Care Plan for Yourself
    Step 2: Bring together your team

    It takes a village to care for someone, so don’t try to figure everything out on your own.

    Secondly, determine if your loved one has a Long-Term Care insurance policy. If yes, the first step is to contact the insurance company and work with the Care Coordinator to activate the policy and add them to your team. The Care Coordinators have the expertise and experience to assist with seeking the appropriate service providers in partnering for continuity of care and reducing the emotional, mental and financial impact on your family.

    Divide and conquer. 

    Seek out and recruit family, friends, and your senior community center for assistance and access available through the local village and government agencies. Remember to continue the open dialogue with your loved one and your team.

    Be open to new ideas and all help.

    Organizing and developing a workable plan for all team members is essential. Remember the daily routines and small tasks and tap into the skills of young and older helpers. Utilize the value of digital calendars and the effectiveness of communications to set up and assign tasks such as bill paying, coordinating meal deliveries, and neighborly check-ins.

    Who’s willing to take on leadership roles?   Who has a close relationship and can handle diplomacy with all team members?

    Think about the level-headed person who can keep the agreed plan moving and is above family politics. Typically, a leader who is a take-charge, multi-tasker with good communication skills with all members will emerge. Avoid the bulldozer personality that will eventually divide rather than conquer. Recognize that it might be you. The other option is to hire a Care Plan Coordinator for the job.

    My mother-in-law had an expression, “Many hands make light work.” Avoid overload and burnout, or you’ll need a caregiver.

    Next Week we Will Talk about Coordination of Care: Create a Care Plan

    Caring for others may become necessary, but so is caring for yourself.

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    Share these and your ideas with your neighbors, family, and friends.

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