5 Essential Steps for Family Caregivers 

We started this series considering the essential steps in supporting Family Caregivers. The caregiver’s well-being is vital, as is caring for the person needing care.

Here we highlight the significance of the family members’ input in developing a care plan for a loved one). In support of the millions of families who rely on a family member to aid in the care of another family loved one, it’s vital to review Five (5) essential steps to support them.

With Step 3, we highlighted coordinating with family and friends to build a care plan for a loved one. Today in Step 4,  we discuss creating that caregiving plan:

  1. Break the Ice and Start the Conversation
  2. Bring Together Your Team
  3. Coordination of Care Make a Care Plan
  4. Care for Your Loved One
  5. Care Plan for yourself

Step 4. Care Plan for your loved one

No family is alike, and every family brings its personality; hence, be open to the needs of your loved one who needs caregiving and the needs of each family member who will help with caregiving. In my family, I was the only adult child available person living in the same state, so I became the automatic default caregiver. I had to take on the active role, and my out-of-town brother took on the passive tasks and flew in for the heavy work, like packing up the house.

When piecing together a care plan for a loved know, consider the following helpful tips:

Advocate for yourself and your Loved One. It’s essential to communicate with your loved ones and doctors to know that you are the primary caregiver and maintain in tune with their medical condition and treatments. Don’t hesitate to ask for medical and physical therapy training, down to changing bandages. You’ll find that you will have to help with everything from time to time, if not consistently.

Examine Home safety
Do a safety walk-through of the home. Are there trip hazards such as rugs and steps, and what about handrails, grab bars, and nightlights? Consider installing adjustable shower seats and toilet seats. A stair lift might become necessary. Make it as easy as possible for your loved one to get around.

Stay organized. Caregivers are managers of small businesses. Keep track of all pertinent information — emergency phone numbers, health records, prescriptions, etc. Yes, it’s overwhelming. Don’t procrastinate. Advanced planning saves a lot of headaches, stress, time, and money.

  • However, there are many resources and tools available on-line that can assist you and your team members with their jobs.

Create a Personal Binder to include:

  • contact information for family and friends
  • doctors and other healthcare providers
  • insurance information for healthcare and other insurance policies
  • pertinent banking and other financial information
  • updated documents such as living will, power of attorney, medical power of attorney, last will, and testament
  • past health history

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Next Week We Will Discuss Creating a Care Plan for Yourself.

Caring for others may become necessary, but so is caring for yourself.

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