It could cost them everything if you don’t get it!


The “life” part of life insurance of course refers to insurance on your life, money that comes to your family when you pass away.  But let’s look at another meaning: that it helps the life of each of your family members to continue as normally as possible after you’re gone.  Life will be difficult enough for them without you there.  Think what it would be like if they were suddenly without enough money.

Life insurance can help :

  • Living expense cash flow needs such as for food, clothes, pay bills, etc.
  • Pay debts including mortgage
  • Protect retirement funds
  • Finance future college education needs
  • Maintain lifestyle

Now that Father’s Day has past and family summer activities are in high gear, it’s the perfect time to ask whether you as a father or primary income earner can provide for your family’s needs even if you pass away.  A spouse and/or an adult child will want to ask these questions as well.  The peace of mind for both you and your family that comes with knowing these needs are met is priceless and you can ensure that peace of mind today.

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