Just as the leaves start to show their beautiful colors and there is a chill in the fall air, it’s almost time for the Annual Medicare and ACA Healthcare Enrollment season.  If you are 65 and wiser, you have choices to consider:
Understand just what is covered and how supplemental insurance helps fill the costly gaps. But, act fast because open enrollment opens October 15, 2019, and ends on December 7, 2019.

Do you understand how to select the best healthcare? Whether you are under 65 (ACA) or your concern is Medicare, there are changes in 2020.  If you don’t know which plans are still available or how much of an increase in cost to expect, we can review them together.

Medicare Advantage or Medigap: Disability: Age 65 & Wiser:    Don’t fall through the gaps with Medicare.
Specifically, there are two distinct healthcare categories:

  • Medicare Supplement (Medigap)
  • Medicare Advantage

Now is a great time to set up an appointment to get together and discuss. And if other family members or friends are in the same situation, I would appreciate your referral.

Are you and your family well protected?”   Schedule an appointment today!