Feeling Down? Anxious? Hostile?

During the past six-plus weeks, we all are trying to adapt to new ordinary reality under social distancing guidelines.  Frustrations and disillusion if unemployed, then the added pressures of parenting. Yet, parents who are fortunate to have employment are, too, having to juggle the roles of educators, household managers, and, most likely, mediators.  I know for myself, whether you are living alone or in a family environment, I can sympathize with the emotional impact of adjusting with our current lifestyle. Over this time,  I’ve noticed a common thread from my on-going conversations and zoom meetings with clients, colleagues, family, and friends, and that is a struggle with staying FOCUSED ON TASKS and QUALITY OF SLEEP.

As a result, I want to share a couple of articles I read that might offer suggestions to reduce some of our anxieties, among other feels. Take time to relax and read the following stories from Gretchen Reynolds and Mary Schmich.

A 4-Day-a-Week Exercise Regimen May Help

During these trying times, exercise could provide indispensable mental-health support for many of us, according to a timely new study. The study finds that among a generally healthy but sedentary group of adults in their 20s, 30s and 40s, working out lowers levels of depression, hostility and other negative feelings. Read on...   

Call an old friend!

Go ahead, call that old friend. It will go better than you think.


Another day at home. Another day wondering if and when you’ll ever again see people the old-fashioned way, meaning in the flesh and within hugging range.

Another day when a thought crosses your mind: Maybe I should call that old friend. But no. That would be weird. And you’re not really phone friends anyway. Maybe you should text. Or email. Or just not bother at all. Read ahead

Life is in constant motion creating adventures and challenges; embrace family and friends with an old fashion phone call, a handwritten note, or via the use of modern technology. Even the smallest act of kindness can have a lasting effect.  That’s Your Life Security!