Currently, many of our houses are a refuge of social distancing, school, entertainment, and the need to establish a home office. Is it time to declutter?

How can you declutter and organize your home office to fit today’s needs?

The following articles offer meaningful suggestions to declutter and enhance your home office:

Tips for creating a calming home office

With so many people working from home, one challenge may be in how to create an adequate and productive work environment. So where do you begin?

Here are our top tips.

10  ways to enjoy Chicago’s coming warm weather while social distancing

You can bike ride and maintain social distance with a few extra precautions.(Brian Cassella / Chicago Tribune)

Sheltering in place is hard enough during cold, rainy weather, but add sunshine and unseasonably warm temperatures to the mix and Chicagoans are going to want to do one thing: shelter outside. We can’t go to the lakefront or the 606, and if everyone floods the parks, we’re not going to able to go there anymore either. So, we’ve pulled together 10 outdoor activities to enjoy while maintaining social distancing. Everyone wins.

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