By Eleonore Weber, CLTC

Like it or Not, most of us are resistant to being told what or how to do…whatever. Whether you are home alone or with others, it’s the perfect time to reconnect with the good old fashion pass-times that are simply basic and easily forgotten.

So often, I wish for time to relax, contemplate, and reflect on life and stuff.  Well, here are a few ideas:

Exercise: Start your morning with a jog or quiet walk for fresh air to clear the mind. And, perhaps an alternative option is a tune-up with a virtual exercise program.

Relax & Read: Freshly brewed coffee, tea, or hot chocolate. Grab a comfortable chair, legs up then relax with a good book. Set a good example for family members, especially for children.


Family and Kid Ideas:   After the kids’ On-line classes are done for the day. What do to then? How to avoid the monitor and “Couch Potato” screen-time syndrome? Check out the following article for 100 possible ideas:

Figure out the puzzle!

Call/ Facetime: Call a friend or family member, catch up and share memories

Contact with a Loved One

Discover your kitchen: Make a special meal…homemade soup, stew…chili

Re-discover your kitchen

Forgotten List: Remember the perpetual and dreaded household “To Do”  list. Organize a closet, declutter or fix whatever?

Organize and purge

The key goal is helping each other stay mentally, physically, and emotionally healthy during life’s challenges. Share your ideas and remember your neighbors, family, and friends. Be safe…that’s Your Life Security!

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