Jack’s Story

Disability Insurance Benefits 

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Case Study

A real life example of Disability Insurance and how it can help you.

A couple of years ago, Jack, a former colleague, shared with me how his employer’s Disability Insurance benefits saved him, his wife Lisa and newborn son from financial devastation.

Jack was a young, healthy man in his mid-30s when he suddenly contracted a virus that caused him to experience stroke-like symptoms that left him unable to walk. The irony is that his father is a doctor, and he wasn’t able to help him. He found himself in a scary situation, admitted to the hospital with limited mobility and a long road to recovery.

Alleviating one burden from his and his family’s mind was that his employer’s disability insurance covered 60% (minus taxes) of his income for a year during his physical therapy. Plus, he had a separate Individual Disability policy which paid out supplemental tax-free income. While Jack had a long road ahead of him physically, his family was able to rest assured that their income would not suffer, and they could pay for Jack’s medical expenses as well as their other daily financial obligations. Today, Jack is back at work and functioning at 100% with no major financial impacts.

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