If you are looking for the kind of Insurance Broker that will provide you with the sincere patience and knowledge of the Insurance Industry to find you exactly the right product/s, which are tailor made to fit both your lifestyle and your time of life, Eleonore Weber is the Insurance Broker for you. I have had the pleasure of working with Eleonore on 4 major policies, all of which required a lot of time and some tough choices on my part. She assisted me every step of the way, making it easy for me to understand how to make the correct choices for myself and for my future. Insurance policies are a necessary requirement in our lives. Eleonore Weber is a valuable asset to make sure we choose those policies correctly and secure our money soundly!

Linda Pogvara, Community Relations Manager at Enlivant

I’ve always been impressed with Eleonore Weber’s ideas and insights. She has a strong entrepreneurial spirit and has enthusiasm for new experiences. In addition, Eleonore knows how to work with customers, solving their problems and finding solutions. She’s a listener, a thinker and a doer.

R. Richard Williams, Director, Career Services, Triton College, River Grove, IL

Eleonore Weber was able to guide me through the process of obtaining health insurance with a minimum of anxiety. She provided relevant information in a way that was enabled me to make my decisions easily. Her caring, sensitive focus on my needs, aided with a no-pressure approach, was refreshing. I highly recommend her.

Alan Booker, Chicago, IL

I’ve always been impressed with Eleonore Weber’s ideas and insights. Eleonore knows how to work with customers, solving their problems and finding solutions. She’s a listener, a thinker, and a doer.

Gloria Onischuk, Owner, Under the Gingko Tree Bed & Breakfast, Oak Park, IL

We have been clients of Eleonore Weber for many years. She is our GO TO person for questions on Health, Life and Long-Term Care insurance. She listens carefully to each person’s needs and helps choose the best solution for each person. We have referred her to friends who she had helped and they in turn have referred her to others. We know, like and trust her, and we all hold her in the highest regard.

Tom and Barbie Burke

My 81-year-old sister has lived a challenging life. She lost her husband 30 years ago and had to care for eight children and helped raise several grand and great grandchildren. She was a nurse at the VA hospital that didn’t pay very well, leaving her struggling at times to make ends meet. Despite her financial struggles, she had the foresight to sign-up sixteen years ago for Long Term Care insurance. The premiums came out of her checking account automatically so even when she started losing the ability to take care of her business affairs, the policy stayed active.

Recently, it became apparent to her children that their mom was having a difficult time living at home alone. She couldn’t use the microwave oven, had difficulty using her coffee pot, and wandered around her house in the dark in middle of the night. She was becoming confused and agitated while her short term memory was impaired.

They began looking for an assisted living facility near her home that met their requirements for a comfortable living situation for her.

When the time came to have a talk with my sister, the oldest daughter started the conversation with how they found a wonderful place for mom where she could live and be safe. The first thing my sister asked was how is this going to be paid for. Her children told her that “For all our lives, you did everything you could to take care of us and sixteen years ago, you took care of your future and ours by taking out a Long Term Care insurance policy. Now you are secure in your future financial situation and we can rest easier that your living arrangements are taken care of without burdening anyone.”

Within a week, they moved my sister into a new home. And while her children love and always are concerned about the mother’s well-being, they can focus financially on themselves and their families.

A wise decision very early on can help make future decisions about your financial health, and that of your loved ones, much easier to handle.

Kathleen, Oak Park, IL