Today is the best day to prepare for tomorrow!

Developing a life-plan is critical to your long-term financial security. I discovered this personally when I unexpectedly became a widow and single parent of two young children. It has allowed me to earn the necessary financial management certifications and continuing education to educate individuals, families and businesses on how to protect themselves today for tomorrow.

As an Independent Licensed Insurance Broker, I have the flexibility to shop the competitive marketplace for the most viable, cost effective options for my clients. Medical underwriting is a key factor for insurance companies. Rather than being dictated by framework within a single company, my clients benefit from my ability to determine the strategic approach to selecting the “right” insurance company for their future Life Security.

Making sure all your assets, whether personal or business, are protected is also important. Working with other financial professionals such as CPAs, CFPs, attorneys, financial advisors, and bankers, our goal for you is to minimize your out-of-pocket costs and secure your personal savings and business revenue stream. A well thought out life plan can include:

  • Wills and Trusts – Avoid probate and estate tax, Power of Attorney for health and property, Guardianship, Special Needs Trusts, and charitable contributions.
  • Business Buy-Sell Agreement – Securing your business financial security and partnership from life-changing events.
  • Life Insurance policies – Legacy and income replacement for education, mortgage and living expenses.
  • Savings and Investments – Securing self and love ones from sudden life-changing events such as extended care needs.
  • Long-Term Care Insurance to secure future income as you age, need some assistance and mitigate family burden.
  • Care Solutions Funding – Alternative monthly care funding for those who do not qualify for Long-Term Care Insurance.


It’s never too late to start your “Life Security” plan